The innovation lab is carried out within the Conforte collaboration of VVT institutions in the Rotterdam region, The Netherlands. The participating organizations are the owners of the Innovation Lab.

Due to the aging of the population, there will be only 2 workers per unemployed person in the Netherlands in 2040. The number of elderly people with one or more chronic diseases is increasing and the number of elderly people with one or more geriatric diseases is also increasing. The complexity of the demand for care will increase, resulting in greater pressure on the entire care system. As if that is not enough, there is also a large shortage of employees in elderly care. In 2022, nearly 190,000 extra employees will be needed to take good care of all those older people. A huge task.

Specifically for the Rotterdam region, the concentration of socio-economic disadvantage, a high dependency on benefits, a low self-reliance, a great cultural diversity and an often limited social cohesion influence the complexity of the care demand.

That is why organizations in Rotterdam submitted a Plan of Action to Zilveren Kruis Zorgkantoor in September 2018, which focuses on working differently with the help of healthcare innovation. This plan is realized under the name Conforte Innovation Lab.

Healthcare innovation is not going to solve all problems in healthcare, but it can make a valuable contribution to ensuring the quality of healthcare and supporting employees in performing their important work.

Gemvision offers its solution to solve bottlenecks that affiliated organizations experience. Aafje is one of those affiliated organizations where Gemvision offers remote care solutions. Tackling long queues in healthcare, aging of the workforce and other problems together is what Gemvision likes to contribute to.

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