Careyn is an active social enterprise committed to the health and well-being of their customers, young and old, healthy or vulnerable. If necessary, their skilled and committed staff are ready to provide help and support. Together with other care providers, volunteers, family caregivers and local residents. Personal and always close, because together it works better.

Working better together:

Careyn is involved and responsible and connects and innovates. The customer comes first at Careyn. This means that they are helpful, friendly and hospitable and that they always start from the possibilities that people (still) have.

They feel responsible for the results they deliver. They trust in their knowledge and skills, but realize that they are never done learning. Careyn work together for the best result, among thereselves, with their clients and their families and with other organizations. They look beyond their nose. They are flexible and willing to change to improve services. And they encourage  clients to do as much as they can themselves and take good care of themselves to stay healthy.

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