“Making care personal” is the most important task of Careaz. Wanting to know you well, knowing what is important to you, contributing to your happiness: that is what it is all about. That is why we focus on medical well-being and meaning as well as medical treatments. We are committed to the best care for you. The concept of “positive health” as defined by Machteld Huber is at the heart of being edited. This means that our care teams want to strengthen people’s ability to die in a way by dealing with physical, emotional and social life challenges in the past.

Careaz is a care organization in the east of the Achterhoek in the Netherlands that offers small-scale and locally involved support in the field, housing, welfare, care and services for the elderly at home or as close to home as possible. Contributing to the happiness of life of people with a vulnerable brain, body and / or social network and the job satisfaction of employees involved are our top priorities.

Gemvision and Careaz also work together with the Queen Beatrix Regional Hospital in Winterswijk. Careaz home care uses smart glasses teams, for example, to perform wound care remotely with a wound specialist in the hospital.

Careaz and Gemvision also have a collaboration in the news at EditieNL about smart glasses in healthcare. View the article here and watch the clip. Click here

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