Cardia offers comfortable living quarters, (home) care and additional services for the elderly. With respect for each other and attention to the wishes and needs of their clients. They provide care and support in a small-scale setting. As a result, the clients and staff feel personally known.

        ‘Heart for Care’

Inspiration is what fuels their “Heart for Care” again and again. They realize that they can only provide this care together with the client, his/her family and friends, volunteers and partner organizations. The person-centered care is based on the so-called Planetree care concept. This focuses on:

– Better care;

– A (financially) healthy organization with satisfied clients and employees;

– A pleasant environment that contributes to the well-being of our clients.

At Cardia, self-reliance (or co-reliance) comes first. They support you, your family or caretaker from their vision that every person is called and capable of love and responsibility for each other. They strive to provide clients with care in their own home environment for as long as possible.

Want to know more about Cardia: https://cardia.nl/

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