Buurtzorg is a home care organization that provides care at home with small teams, consisting of (district) nurses and district health care providers. This concerns nursing and personal care. Our employees work with you to determine what care is required and look for solutions together with you and your environment.

Buurtzorg provides nursing and personal care at home with small teams if you are seriously ill, after hospitalization or if you want to continue living independently. Our employees help you, for example, with personal care and the preparation and giving of medicines. They also perform actions at the request of your treating doctor or specialist, such as injecting insulin, taking care of wounds, giving injections or combating pain. Buurtzorg also provides palliative care in the last phase of life. There are no waiting times. With an application, the care can be deployed quickly.

Buurtzorg is based on your own capabilities. Each client will have a personal supervisor who will work with you to determine what care is required, taking into account changes in the future. We also support your family and caregivers. You will receive the guidance and care you need, whereby we promote your independence as much as possible by looking together at what you could (learn) yourself. If necessary, your personal supervisor, together with you or on your behalf, will have regular contact with other care providers (for example, your GP or treating specialist).


  • … is looking for solutions
  • … works with the best professionals
  • … works with small autonomous teams
  • … keeps organizational costs low
  • … shows what she delivers
  • … works intensively with GPs
  • … knows the networks in the area

Gemvision and Buurtzorg mainly deploy the solution for remote care between home care employees and specialists in the hospital. This may involve wound care specialists, but of course it is not limited to this.

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