Healthcare of Aafje. Home care homes and care hotels.

“At Aafje we realize that it has an impact if you need care. You must allow others into your home and your life. We challenge ourselves every day to minimize this impact.”

Quality and customer experience

We want to provide care that meets high quality standards. These requirements are laid down in all kinds of official documents. That is important, but that’s not what Aafje is about. Aafje is about the mentality with which our customer experiences care: with attention, connecting, stimulating and based on our craftsmanship. We do everything we can to provide the best possible care.

For Aafje, innovation is responding to the needs of customers, residents, guests, employees and volunteers. We believe that customers should be able to live their own lives as much as possible. And employees also get as much space as possible for their own ideas, development and flexibility, which makes the work attractive!

Innovation helps with this. Make use of available new developments, ideas that arise from the organization and employees and that match the vision we have for the future.

Aafje’s focus on innovation is focused on meaningful and proven solutions for:

  • Customers, resident, guests (rehabilitation)
  • Supporting employees in providing care to do better, smarter (for example, less administration), more fun, more pleasant and safer
  • Innovations that serve both of the above target groups

Aafje works with Gemvision in the concept of remote care. The Smart Glasses and the platform can be used for various applications. For more information about the application, please contact us.

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