A Gemvision Story

Gemvision is a start-up, and a pioneer in Augmented Reality and Machine Learning technologies. We design easy to use, b2b software solutions. Ready to add value in real life situations with projects such as: ‘Augmented workforce communication’ and ‘Optical wound analysis’ with Smart Glasses. Our dedicated team is located at Yes!Delft, in Delft the Netherlands. We aim to develop invaluable solutions for service, maintenance, and healthcare professionals.

Outflow of qualified, hands-on workers

Talent scarcity in companies is a huge problem these days in the Netherlands, and for that matter, in the world. This was no different for a large air-conditioning manufacturer that expressed its concerns to us in a casual conversation. They told us that even if they find good staff, it takes two years for them to know the products inside-out and to be ready to work fully autonomous on-site.

The need to strike back

A pattern emerged when we were looking at different industries and noticed they struggled with the same problem: The demand for qualified staff is soaring, but at the same time we see qualified hands-on workers leave exponentially. This is putting the brakes on growth and business excellence. Current remote support and training solutions are not improving onboarding times and fixing the talent problem.

We aim to disrupt the current ‘remote support & enterprise communication’ market with:

Augmented Workforce Communication

The new standard in smart, video-based communication.

A turnkey solution for the new standard in workforce communication. Our Software as a Service (SAAS) platform is easy to install, configure and upgrade as you go. It enables you to use a generic plug-and-play SAAS solution for highly specialised, data-sensitive jobs. Gemvision is designed for healthcare, service and maintenance industries. It supports current IT- infrastructures and merges easily with future smart, IoT and wearable devices (Cross device/OS compatibility). The Augmented Reality smart glasses are our platform’s current gamechanger. So, combining Gemvision and its built-in AR tools with the AR Smart Glasses creates an instantly more productive and efficient workforce.

How do I start?

You set up a private communication platform, you invite users, install the apps on your current devices, and setup teams with smart glasses for augmented remote support. Use the drag and drop workflow builder, object recognition and the GPS workforce manager, to use this turnkey solution for highly specified jobs.

Some results:

Our pilots in health show that twice as many patients are cared-for in the same time. That first-time fix rates for maintenance went up by 30%, and onboarding times improved big-time throughout all industries.

Is there a plug-and-play field kit?

I thought you'd never ask. Gemvision also provides the ready to go field kit with integrated charging-, connectivity- and safety features. This case is provided as a package, or on its own. The ready to go pack comes with Gemvision pre-installed on the preferred glasses, as a 100% turnkey solution. We believe that convenience, dependability and great user experience will guarantee user adoption.

We believe that anyone can do any job, if only they had the right instructions.

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Innovation doesn't happen overnight

TNO and Gemvision are pilot testing the algorithms developed for object and character recognition, to recognise wounds with multi spectral imaging. This project is in the pilot phase and companies/hospitals are currently involved. When this technology is completed, it will be added to features such as ‘Drag&Drop Workflow creators’ with content validation, object recognition and other ‘blocks’, and will be made available in late 2018. 

Partnering up with organisations such as TNO is crucial to for the development of groundbreaking technology and software. At the Hannover Messe in Germany; the largest technology exhibition in the world, Gemvision joint the delegation in the 'Dutch Optics Centre' to display demo the latest developments in optics. 

See below for an impression:

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