About Gemvision

Gemvision is an innovative software company from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that differentiates itself by offering a cloud-based, off the shelve Communication Platform as a Service (CPAAS).

The platform’s communication features are enhanced with augmented reality technology that allow the user to deliver next-level remote support. Next to that, the backoffice management solutions and the powerful integration possibilities allow a company to really build upon this platform and optimize communication in the field. Gemvision supports all mobile and desktop devices and uses smart glasses to make hands-on workers hands-free.


Engineers, healthcare workers, electricians, technicians, are hands-on workers. Their hands and of course their mind get the job done. Well-trained employees are getting harder to find, while service and maintenance standards are getting higher. Effective communication, fast remote resolution times and first-time-fix-rates are extremely important for keep the client happy and the costs in check. This is not limited to industry. In healthcare, maritime and many other branches we find similar use cases where our solution fits seamlessly.

Gemvision aims to cut onboarding times, get the right information to the right place and offer live video, where there used to be just a voice or text. So, if a helpdesk is called, it’s usually urgent and the provided information can save the day. With a Gemvision platform an office employee can see what the engineer is seeing, through the smart glasses or smartphone camera. The office ‘expert’ draws on screen, clarifies with text or voice and can even share its screen for instant information. The fieldworker wearing the smart glasses solves the job at hand and the helpdesk can confirm.

We aim to disrupt the current ‘remote support and enterprise communication’ market.

It is easy to go from a pilot platform to a globally integrated solution, because we’ve provided scalability options for when you need it.

With Gemvision you can:

  • Give and receive remote work instructions and connect to remote colleagues to ’share your view’ through smart glasses or mobile devices.
  • Remotely control the camera of smart glasses and mobile devices during support video calls
  • Live annotate, capture pictures, record video streams, share your screen and more to get the right information to the right place.
  • Do routine maintenance checks and inspections with workflows to rapidly access checklists, audit forms, troubleshooting guides and easy submission when fulfilled.
  • Capture and share expert knowledge with field workers
  • Offer standardized workflows for employee training
  • Offer on demand access for field workers for procedures, manuals, checklists, workflows etc.
  • Integrate with management software that manage your jobs, tasks, work orders etc.
  • Use voice commands to be truly hands-free while working with smart glasses in the field.
  • Integrate with a multitude of CRM, IoT, ERP, Analytics and Service platforms, providers and technology.

Expected results in field operations:

  • Lowering operational costs 10% - 40%
  • Improved productivity from 20% - 30% per job/FTE/day
  • Reduction in repeat visits from 5% - 20%
  • Reduction of labor costs from dynamic workforce dispatching from 5% - 20%
  • Travel time reduction from 5% - 30%
  • Increased efficiency for team veterans from 20% - 35%
  • Accelerated onboarding times for new employees from 15% - 30%
  • Line-of-sight instructions (smart glasses workflows) improve efficiency with 34%
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency for routine checks by auditors by 10% - 25%

Next to the figures, expect to:

  • Improve first-time-fix-rates
  • Improve hands-on-tools-times
  • Improve remote resolution rates
  • Shorten onboarding times
  • Improve communication efficiency
  • Reducing human error and fail costs.

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