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Augmented Reality for Industry

AR Platform augmented reality glasses

Gem Vision platform

Harnessing the power of Augmented Reality

Gem Vision platform is developed by AR Development BV. Using this platform helps all business sectors to optimize processes. This will be realized by using the possibilities of augmented reality glasses / smart glasses. This platform gives support to a technician on-site, giving all necessary information and the possibility to have a video conference with colleagues all around the world, so they can see what the engineer on-site is seeing. These features gives you the possibility to give live and virtual training for technicians or engineers. As we're logging everything, we can give you insights of big data solutions with real-time data.

Help desk, Voice Recognition and more

Getting an online advice from a helpdesk has never been easier. Gem Vision technology takes care of this feature, but also searching for information, error codes and watching a technical video regarding your product can be used all around the world. Because we’re using voice recognition the engineer can use these features handsfree and all solutions will be shown right in front of his eyes.

GemVision control center

The Control Center is a web application with many features like status tracking, activity tracking, custom search engine. It can be to track online glass users, the location where the engineer is working using smart glass GPS and type of activities he is doing for example searching for error code. Within this application the helpdesk can give a video call to the engineer to find out if he needs assistance. All activities of the engineer can be tracked on Gem Vision Control Center.

Exponentially increase efficiency and reduce labour costs

A minimal estimate is that, thanks to the optimization using Gem Vision, businesses save more than 30% on their labour costs. Besides financial benefits, statistics has shown a rise in customer satisfaction due to better service using Gem Vision platform. And also very important for each business: easier and more efficient training of new employees. Juniors can do the work of a senior with assistance from an employee at the office using Gem Vision Control Center.

Perfect for industry

Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses delivers a "handsfree" digital world, providing unprecedented access to information, data collection and more. Improve existing workflows and open new opportunities in industrial, medical, retail, supply chain, remote helpdesk, and other aspects of your business. The new M300 design is based on a common core platform using the Intel Atom processor – slated to drive both our new M300 and M3000 devices.

Gem Vision solution for M300 smart glass

Augmented reality glasses: Gem Vision solution for M300 smart glass

Vuzix M300 provides most of the features and capabilities of a modern smartphone, in a handsfree wearable device. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity makes it ideal to pair with Android or iOS devices or connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi to the Internet. An integrated head tracking and GPS system provide apps with your location, the direction and angle of your current view for unprecedented situational awareness. Voice, button press, and touch pad with gesture controls, and ruggedized against water, dust, and dirt give the user versatility to navigate and use the M300 in almost any working environment. Also includes the flexibility of enhanced battery packs for long/high intensity users and lightweight batteries for low/infrequent users. The M300 is an updated design with enhanced functionality and wearability to follow on the popular Vuzix M100.


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